EXACTLY!!!  ^^

EXACTLY!!!  ^^

11 September 2012 ·

About Me

This is my mobile blog, fed by the things I've experienced and been touched by.
I'm a IT - Engineer & Tutor, Musician, ex - Podcaster, Chef (private only!), widower & a Gun hater. People call me a total Geek and I use Apple & Apogee, M-Audio & a few Guitars to write and record my own songs.
My job: IT since 1985.

Some of those pictures and photos are my own, others I repostet from other tumblr pages.
In the case of ownership disputes, printing rights or similar problems I ask you contact me in the first instance, in order to avoid unnecessary legal action and costs. The payment of a notice from a solicitor without prior contact with me will not be accepted, in accordance with the duty to minimize loss!

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